Ever wanted to know how to clean a crystal chandelier?

Over the years we have gained vast experience and are extremely knowledgeable about chandeliers, their construction, origins, and how best to overcome issues that arise. Questions like how to clean a crystal chandelier is a common example of a question we get asked frequently.

Below are some common questions and tips, if you would like to discuss any of these further, or ask a question of your own, please call us on
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"How do I clean a crystal chandelier?"

A good tip is 50% methylated spirit mixed with 50% water. Immerse a cloth in the solution and wring out tightly and then wipe the lustres. This will remove all dust and grease and leave them sparkling.

"How do I fix my chandelier to the ceiling?"

Well firstly, this is always best done by a qualified electrician. Sometimes the query relates to how one gets to the ceiling. A good strong steel hook in sound wood should in most cases do the trick. But if is it a particularly heavy chandelier then sometimes it is necessary to approach the ceiling from above and put a strengthener/steel plate between the joists. Then fix your hook or pulley to the sound wood. The Chandelier will have a metal ceiling rose which attaches to the hook. Voila!

"If I break or loose a glass drop, could I replace it?"

Yes, here at The Antique Chandelier we have an excellent network and can source many items. Contact us and let us have a sample.

"What wattage light bulbs should I use?"

Candle bulbs are supplied as 25, 40 or 60 watts and all of these are suitable.

"Shall I put shades on my wall lights or chandelier?"

Matter of personal taste as wall lights are eye level can prevent glare but so do opal bulbs.

"Also are shades safe?"

Yes if they are the right size.

"Do you buy chandeliers?"

Yes please! We are always happy to have a look at anything for sale.

"I need an insurance valuation, can you help?"

Yes if I supplied the lighting and yes if I have a complete & accurate description.

"Can I have my chandelier shipped abroad?"

Yes we deal with many shippers to different parts of the world.

"Can you store it for me?"

Yes if I supplied it, indefinitely.

Where do the chandeliers come from, large houses etc?

Our chandeliers are sourced from Grand houses in Europe, they are original pieces and each have a unique history.

"Do I clean the metal on my chandelier?"

Not usually, unless it is all brass and polishing or plating is required.

"Should I take the crystals off when I clean them?"

This is not usually necessary, but if you do make sure you know where they go back. Leave some still attached as a guide?

"What is the legislation regarding light bulbs?"

We should all save energy where possible. This also applies to the use of lights bulbs. The low energy light bulbs recommended are being improved all the time including softer colours. They are now available for use with a dimmer switch. Technology is therefore keeping up with the play. Having said that, there will always be a niche market for candle bulbs, currently used in chandeliers. Assurances from major electrical wholesalers mean demands will be met for the foreseeable future.

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chandelier trivia
How to clean a crystal chandelier
A good tip is 50% methylated spirit mixed with 50% water. Immerse a cloth in the solution and wring out tightly and then wipe the lustres. This removes dust and grease leaving them sparkling.more chandelier faqs

chandelier trivia
Experiments using gas for lighting purposes were taking place in the 17th century and by 1765 Carlisle Spedding, collery manager in Cumbrois used coal gas to light his offices.