The Antique Chandelier - Crystal designs both French & Italian

An antique chandelier, crystal in design of French or Italian origin is a truly beautiful thing to behold. We have an excellent selection including pairs and they are mostly brass or bronze construction with crystal or lead glass crystal lustres. We specialise in original pieces from the 19th and 20th century and our chandeliers mostly come with original lustres to keep them as true to the period as possible.

Whether you require something very large or a named piece by Baccarat, Osler or Perry, anything is a possibility at The Antique Chandelier. You can contact us on 01306 882004more about the antique chandelier

Chandelier Repair & Restoration

contact the antique chandelierWe are able to offer a complete and comprehensive refurbishment service for all types of lighting. Follow the links below or view our antique lighting services page.

Our experience is wide and varied and our advice is free.

Antique Chandelier

We can ship both to the UK and Worldwide. To buy a chandelier, request a detailed picture or make an enquiry, please call us on
01306 882004

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chandelier trivia
"How do I clean my chandelier?"
A good tip is 50% methylated spirit mixed with 50% water. Immerse a cloth in the solution and wring out tightly and then wipe the lustres. This removes dust and grease leaving them sparkling.more chandelier faqs

chandelier trivia
The French word "Chandelier" signifies a holder for tallowed candles (chandelles), By the 17th century the term had come to mean a holder for any sort of candles.